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If the ladies name is in parenthesis then look for more information there.
"click on the pic" for a better quality one (sometimes).

robbi-soph.jpg (21099 bytes) Robbi (Mckee) Fritz 7.jpg (15399 bytes)
marcus_miller-soph.jpg (16465 bytes) millersm.jpg (17345 bytes)
Marcus Miller
millermarcus.jpg (140438 bytes)
Marcus? Dance?
I don't think so...
scottmorris.jpg (25794 bytes) Scott Morris  

Donnie Palmer
edpayne-soph.jpg (14224 bytes) PayneE_sr.jpg (31878 bytes)
Eddie (Ed) Payne
ed_payne.jpg (4363 bytes)
Cytrina (Richardson) Mitchell  
vicki-then.jpg (30178 bytes) Vicki Rountree vicki-now.jpg (42320 bytes)
cherylthomas.jpg (27532 bytes) Cheryl (Thomas) Morris  
Wellham2.jpg (64666 bytes) Carol (Wellham) Hicks

Wellham.jpg (16452 bytes)

Wellham4.jpg (32266 bytes)
Worley.jpg (209982 bytes) Mike Worley